In Burmese Text -- Burma Myanmar Dictator's Underground Bunker

Let's fly over from Than Shwe's House to an entrance gate of his underground bunker!
(prepared on Google Earth)

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Burmese Myanmar Military Dictator's Hideout?

A complete essay - a tribute to Burmese Armed Forces Day of 2011
(A total of 31 slides included.  Double-click to enlage each slide.)

It is a fact everybody now knows that Burma’s Commander in Chief, the Dictator of Burma, Senior General Than Shwe is always afraid of possible invasion of the United States and its allies who would track him down and hang him by the people he has tortured and killed the way what had happened to Saddam Hussein of Iraq.  Therefore, he has ordered his military to dig tunnels and construct military structures underground.  He must be watching the news of dictators such as Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, and Lybia’s Moammar Kadafi during the half-time intermission of Manchester United soccer games.  The revolutions are not just by the protesters but their own armies who got sick and tired of them.  I believe he knows ‘time is ticking’ for him.  He must believe that his junior generals will protect him while he is hiding-out in an underground facility.
In fact, we all know that his expanded troops are recruited with underage child soldiers.  (That is why he is about to be drafting men and women in Burma for his armies.)  The foot-soldiers and their families are starving while he and his senior military officers and their families are richer every day.  His senior military officers and generals will switch sides to democratic allies as soon as they have realized that their ‘old man’ is really old (now is over 80),weak, and subject to be a 'war crime criminal'.
He thinks that the guards and troops positioned on the ground to protect him and his hideout underground sites are invisible and safe.  This following ESSAY in geospatial graphical visualization was applied in locating and identification of a major hideout site of Burmese dictator. 

Part I:  The Background

Part II:  The Garrisons
The hideout is located ~6 miles away from Sr Gen Than Shwe's residence
Insiders of the Dictator's circle revealed anonymously of the photos of the palace. 
the bunkers and hilltop army posts east of Naypyidaw
Villages have been destryed and villagers displaced.
more hilltop army positions
roadmap of military installations
more army post
a strategic army post with a lot of arsenals
the dictator's another get away transportation
looks more like artileries, armed cars, helipad in a depot
the last leg of road to hideout
special bunkers by the foothill underground storage caves

Part III:  The Hideout
A  A business center in the middle of densely forested rugged hills?
Undeniably, it is not a cave for the dictator's quiet meditation center. 
looking at the hill from different angles
Now, look at site #1.  A clear view from the side  
This site #2 gives us a clear view of a tunnel entrance.
The view looks fuzzy but is still visible of the entrance site #3.
Undeniable evidance of another tunnel entrance #4.
An additional Thernal Infrared satellite image helped to identify this site #5.  Isn't it a person standing at the entrance of the gate?
This satlellite image looks fuzzier, but the structure looks more like the same as site #3.
No doubt, this is another tunnel entrance at site# 7
My goodness!  The target is wide open.  An underground war office and/or hideoute for the Burmese dictator and his generals are now exposed and welcoming any Tamahawk. 

Part IV:  Conclusion

By the way, for those who are not aware of it, you should know that this senior general's underground hideout is located very close to a geological fault, known as "Shan Fault", which is prone to earthquake activities.  An earthquake would not just collapse the underground dome, but also would block the tunnels connecting to entrances with collapsed rocks walls.  Living inside the underground structures needs ventilation that also required generating electricity with motors.  For natural reasons or human infected reasons, once the fuel supply for the motors is down, especially the tunnels and the dome facility are collapsed, this hideout will become their own grave.  

Probably, it must be a reason why the Burmese military dictator has directed to construct a new above-ground highly-walled gated general's community in the outskirt of Naypyitaw where this secluded location could be under dense forests (Lintner 2011).  In an article, "Compound Interest in Myanmar" published on Feb 25, 2011, Bertil Lintner, informed that Asia Time online has obtained this leaked plan, another above-ground secret hideout of Burmese dictator Than Shwe. 
Sr-Gen will need lots of money from the National Budget for the contruction of another fort like this.  No wonder, the Senior General Than Shwe has needed "supreme authority to tap unlimited funding of the National Budget" as he pleases.  He's been provided with this authority as a law at the first Parliament of Myanmar.
Now, the United Nations and the Western Allies have proved that it can take out tyrant detectors who has been killing their own people.  We know he is watching CNN the unfolding of his beloved friend, Qaddafi in the Libya theater right now.  What a life he has in paranoia all the time.  Instead of being paranoia, he should find solace in the Buddha's teachings and enter a Buddhist monkhood in these forests for the last final years of his life.   Oops! I forgot that he had killed Buddhist monks.      
Well, I am just trying to help the senior general to get a way out.  Honestly, I can only see one way out for him --  showing with actions to the entire world that he's putting all out efforts to get a true freedom for the democratic Burma.  Burmese people are very kind and generous that they will spare his life.

The original essay!
 You may fly over from Than Shwe's house in Kyut-pyin to an entrance gate of his hideout bunker!

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